At the daycare section of St. Carol’s is a specially-prepared learning environment, laying a solid foundation for children.

Our highly trained teachers nurture each child to reach developmental milestones while ensuring they become confident, joyful and fully prepared students.

Through discovery, language-rich experiences, a loving faculty and friendships that begin in infancy, children who come to St. Carol’s build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

All our pupils follow an adapted learning method of child education which is regarded throughout the world as unsurpassed in its ability to help younger children achieve their full potential.

The teaching approach is child-centred. It neither imposes on the child nor does it abandon him/her in total free play.


The nursery school years provide formative activities for the pupils within a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child can learn and grow at his/her own pace, along the lines of natural development, with the teacher acting as a guide, facilitator and an encourager.

The five main curriculum areas are:

  • Practical Life Exercises. These include elementary movements and preliminary activities such as classroom conduct, development of fine motor skills – pouring, transferring, sweeping, opening and closing; care of self, and exercises for the development of social skills, grace and courtesy.
  • Sensorial Education. These develop the following senses of the child: chromatic (sense of colours), hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste.
  • Mathematics. Here, the child works with mathematics materials such as number rods, paper numerals, and sequence operations. The child uses the apparatus to compute simple addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of numbers.
  • Language. This includes oral language development, written expression, reading, writing and grammar. The child works with pink, blue and green series to develop writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.
  • Cultural Subjects, Here, the child is introduced to geography, biology, life sciences, music, art and movement through the use of didactic apparatus.