In the first year of the secondary school (our Y7) the scope of the curriculum widens to include a broader subject base.

The first three years of secondary serve to introduce the pupils to more advanced study skills in preparation for the Junior WAEC which takes place in Y9. The exam, taken in the core subjects including English, Mathematics and Science, serves to give a better understanding of the pupils’ strengths and weaknesses in preparation for subject choices in Y10, when the Senior WAEC preparation begins in earnest.

The final 2 years are the examination years. The students are encouraged to use the study skills learned through elementary school and Years 7 to 9 and take charge of their own learning to prepare them for the greater challenges they will face after they pass their WAEC examinations at the end of their secondary school education.

The strategic focus for St. Carol’s Secondary Schools

  • Developing and improving the creative and innovative abilities of students and teachers.
  • Expanding the level of science and mathematics teaching and learning.
  • Implementing an information science and technology culture.
  • Emphasizing scientific sport development
  • Fostering an entrepreneurship culture.
  • Instilling positive cultural life values and discipline in the teaching and learning programme.
  • Raising the academic excellence and performance of students.
  • Developing the level of human capital (via knowledge, skills and attitude training) of students and teachers.
  • Managing the quality of the teaching and learning programmes in the schools.
  • Contributing to a culture of life-long learning amongst students and teachers.